can't compile

  • leiliu98

    leiliu98 - 2006-09-06

    Hi, i am playing with the source and try to make a
    build on Windows. I run build.bat and got following
    error when generating gui.exe:

    The following modules appear to be missing
    ['Carbon.Scrap', '_pybsddb', 'cjkcodecs.aliases',......

    I wonder what is the problem. For example, Carbon.Scrap
    seems to be a package on Mac only but i am trying the
    build on Windows.

    Could any of you shed some lights here.



    • David O'Shea

      David O'Shea - 2006-10-08

      I see this error too.  It seems to be non-fatal, and is possibly because the compiler doesn't evaluate whatever conditional statements might prevent those modules only being imported on the Mac, etc.  I guess it can be ignored.


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