Ed Melchior - 2005-12-19

I can get stuff onto the iPod with no problem, however, it shows up in the music area of iTunes, and not at all through the iPod interface (although when browsing the iPod through iTunes, I do see the podcasts, with no Genre and no description - just a cryptic filename.)  Can I get items put into the Podcast category (instead of music), and how do I get the name that displays in Juice to show up on the iPod (and in iTunes)?  I've set the track genre to active and put in the value podcast, but the only place that appears to be used is in the columns when I list every track on the iPod.  Itunes does not appear to filter by Genre when browsing the iPod, and besides, I'd like it to show up in the Podcasts catagory instead of Music.

Any help or tips would be appreciated.