ipodderlemon.com down?

  • John DeMarco

    John DeMarco - 2006-11-17

    Unable to connect to the wiki, forums or home page at ipodderlemon.com for several weeks.  Were they moved?

    No reply to pings to domain.

    Anyone know its status?  I just sent an email to the administrative contact for the domain name.  If I get a reply, I'll post it here.


    • Elshar

      Elshar - 2007-01-03

      It's two months later and I'm wondering the same thing. Is the project dead, or just on winter holiday hiatus? Just found juice, seems pretty damn cool. It'd be too bad to see it die now. :(

    • John DeMarco

      John DeMarco - 2007-02-04

      They're alive!  Or at least the forum is at:

      The message on the old wikki link says they took it down due to spamming.  Not unusual these days.



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