Huw - 2012-06-13

In case someone ever takes over development, here's a quick summary of my brief trial of Juice:

Install as standard user on Win 7 requires privilege escalation.
Install option not to add desktop shortcut was ignored, & added one to all users' desktops.
Chose option to run Juice when installer closed, & that worked.
Added a few feeds. Didn't seem to be a way to view description of podcast series – blurb, or whatever it's called.
Selected a few back episodes to dl, as well as default latest, but update button just downloaded latest episodes & de-selected the back episodes.
Used context menu to open download directory, but access denied.
Closed Juice.
Next day Juice wouldn't start, even from an admin account.
Uninstall option didn't work.
Uninstalled from Control Panel.