Anyone interested in taking over the project?

  • Shaya Halim

    Shaya Halim - 2010-07-28

    I think this project deserves to be actively developed and maintained.
    If you are interested in re-establishing a development team, please respond to this thread. I will address the SourceForge team and request to gain control over the project so we can start setting this wonderful project back on track.

    Currently this project needs Python developers, QA people, someone to manage the forums and someone to study other podcast clients to make future plans for the project.

    Feel free to add your comments even if you are not going to join, just to show your support for the idea of waking this project again.


  • Ilja

    Ilja - 2010-07-29


    I was much inpressed by the project when first saw it. I enjoyed using Juice, but then faced the same problem with incomplete downloading as many other users did.
    I would like to contribute to this project, although I can't say that I'm an experienced Python programmer. It's just a hobby.) But I think, that any help is welcomed in this case.)
    So, I'm ready to join the "Juice revival team" or whatever it may be called)))

    Best regards,

  • Shaya Halim

    Shaya Halim - 2010-07-29

    Currently I've started to look at the bug reports and see what are the major topics that would need to be addressed first.
    It might take up to three months until we are allowed to take over if the owners of the project can't be reached.
    I do however hope that they can be reached and that they would either wake up and open the project for contributions, or hand it over to the "revival team".

  • Ilja

    Ilja - 2010-07-30

    As far as I understand, most of the latest bug reports concern the problem which I've mentioned in my previous post. Perhaps, we might start with it.

  • Dans

    Dans - 2010-07-30

    Hello redshaya,

    I'd like to respond your call, and to contribute my time to the project. I have a vast experience in SW developing, and until last year I was working as a SW developer and a product manager in the industry. Although I don't have much an experience in Python, I believe I can contribute as chief developing, a forum manager, and a product manager. This project looks exciting, and with a little help it be be better !

    Best regards,

  • Shaya Halim

    Shaya Halim - 2010-08-02

    Thanks for joining the project Dans.
    Hopefully I'll start to publish my notes and plans in a few days.
    Up till now I haven't heard from the source forge team, which makes it more likely that we'll have to wait the full three months.

    Best regards,


  • Venrooy

    Venrooy - 2010-09-23

    Hey Guys,
    good news about updating the project again, I will send an email around at the team so you're able to update stuff.

    Sorry for the lazy approach, everybody has been moving on - But we need fixes and updates!


  • Mike

    Mike - 2010-09-30

    I've been meaning to contribute code to an open-source project, and I just started using Juice. Sign me up

  • Doubi

    Doubi - 2010-11-28

    Unfortunately I hack Perl, but I was on the verge of attempting to port/emulate Juice with wxPerl just so I could have it on Linux.

    If there's some development steam building up again I guess I won't have to :-)

    My Windows install is borked at the moment so not sure how much help I can be testing-wise even, but I'm up for helping. Otherwise I can cheer-lead *\o/*

  • Shaya Halim

    Shaya Halim - 2010-11-29

    As always, the main excuse is University studies and family life :)
    I've seen an annoying half baked feature that bothers me the most and I'm trying to figure a way to fully develop it instead or removing it and setting things back to the old way.

    But there are full weeks that I haven't touched the code so it goes VERY slow.

    What's the current linux state? does Juice have any working distro, or is the only way is to run it from source?

  • Doubi

    Doubi - 2010-11-29

    As always, the main excuse is University studies and family life :)

    Tell me about it ;-)

    What's the current linux state? does Juice have any working distro, or is the only way is to run it from source?

    I had been trying running from the .zip package before (2.22, right?) with no luck at all. I've just tried running the SVN checkout (2.23) and it starts! Really pleased, will try to import my download history & whatnot from Windows later, start using and start looking for bugs.

    On first look the only thing I noticed was that the main toolbar icons are "chopped off" at the top and bottom on Linux (gtk).

  • Doubi

    Doubi - 2010-11-29

    Ack… series of feed-scanning errors, the most pernicious of which seems to be:

    DBRunRecoveryError: (-30974, 'DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery - PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery')

    After this error Juice won't scan any other feeds, won't download any podcasts, and segfaults on exit :-( Will try fiddling with / recreating the sqlite db later.

    Apparently lots to do anyway!

  • JavaDancer

    JavaDancer - 2010-12-14

    I've thought about it.  The best I can tell is that this was never developed for Linux, only WinXP and Mac.
    I'm not really a Python programmer, and this seems to use a lot of different packages, like NSIS for installing under Win and OSX for Mac.
    It also seems like they were using Eclipse for developing.
    I was looking into just stripping the database out and figuring how to extract the data rom it for archiving the podcasts,
    but it uses a very old bsddb.dbshelve and pickle concept not sqlite3.
    Then there is the xml rss stuff…



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