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Juggle 0.1.2 released!

This is a major relase for juggle, as it is the last unstable release before version 0.2.0. It incoporates many changes/updates from version 0.1.1, some of which are: bug fixes, an installer, an almost complete ftp implementation and much more! <a href="http://juggle.sourceforge.net/download.html">Download</a> it, and give it a try!

Posted by Stefanos - Zacharias Zacharidis 2000-09-13

Juggle 0.1.1 released!

Fixed Utilities.getAddress() to use the socket instead of InetAddress.getLocalhost(). This allows ftp PORT commands for people with dial up (dynamic ip) connections to the net. Added passive ftp sessions, and the USER and lcd commands to FTP. Changed the prompt in CommandPrompt.java to show the session name/type (http,ftp) too.

Posted by Stefanos - Zacharias Zacharidis 2000-07-17

Serious (and embarassing) bug found with version 0.1.0

It seems that the program would get the local ip address of the computer and not the internet ip address. If these do not match (for example if you're using a dial-up connection + dynamic ppp like me), then you cannot do the PORT command in ftp. Which means, no LS, LIST or GET :-( The bug has been fixed in CVS, and will be included in the upcoming 0.1.1 release.

Posted by Stefanos - Zacharias Zacharidis 2000-07-16

Juggle 0.1.0 released!

The first public version of juggle has been released. Highlights include multiple threads (the ability to spawn and control many sessions), a text interface, and an almost complete FTP implementation.

Posted by Stefanos - Zacharias Zacharidis 2000-07-14