JuffEd 0.6 is released!

After some time of hard development JuffEd 0.6 was born. This release contains serious architectural changes and many user-oriented improvements. Also there were some changes in numeration style: now stable releases have even numbers, development versions have odd numbers.

Main changes since version 0.4:

* splittable document view

* using icons installed in system (on Linux/BSD)

* changing line endings (auto-detection and manual changing)

* auto-detection of syntax highlighting based on document's first line (for some file types)

* displaying of invisible symbols (tabs, spaces, line wraps)

* context menu for status bar (syntax, charset, line endings)

* improved and more powerful plugin API

* CMake syntax highlighting

* Chinese (Simplified) localization

* new application icon

* added icons of sizes 16 and 24 to the default icon theme (got rid of blured icons)

* many small UI improvements

Posted by Mezomish 2009-04-08

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