JuffEd is in all panels under Ubuntu

  • ChornHulio

    ChornHulio - 2010-12-30

    I use Ubuntu 10.04 and JuffEd v.0.8.2 (great Programm by the way)

    JuffEd is shown in the panels of every workspace. Why? Have only I this problem?

  • Mezomish

    Mezomish - 2011-01-02

    It can happen in 2 cases:
    1. there is some event occurred in JuffEd (say, JuffEd was running and you launched it again or opened another file from your file manager). In this case it's "button" on a panel "blinks" notifying about this event.
    2. you could set "Show on all workspaces" property in the window menu:

    Is it any of these cases? I can't reproduce it in any other way.

  • ChornHulio

    ChornHulio - 2011-01-10

    Thanks for the answer!

    I'm a fool - while I checked your suggestion, I regonized my mistake: The window does not start maximied and so the window was open on two workspaces (only a pixel or so on the other workspace). My mistake, sorry!


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