hi there - I've been playing with JudySL for a few days now and it would seem to fit in perfectly with a project I am currently working on.

I need help, though, understanding how to create an array of JudySL arrays, so that I can go from this:

    void  *  PArray = (Pvoid_t) NULL;
    PPValue = JudySLIns (& PArray, record, &JError);
    PPValue = JudySLGet( & PArray, needle, 0 );

(which works great when I'm looking at only one file and one JudySL array)

to something like this:

    void  *  PArray[100]
    PValue = JudySLIns (& PArray[i], record, &JError);
    PPValue = JudySLGet( & PArray[i], needle, 0 );

which doesn't appear to work (fyi: I need to be able to search a bunch of files and determine which file where it was found).

I suspect that this might be more of a C question, since I'm not as well versed in C as I'd like to be.

what am I missing? hope I'm not doing something incredibly stupid...