Sorry, I miss-diagnosed the problem,
the problem cast essentially is:

       unsigned long * abc = (void *)(~0UL);

Which means storing a void pointer into a word pointer is illegal.

This should work in both 32 and 64 bit, but fails in both.

curiously, this is legal:

unsigned long * abc = 0;

So go figure.

The code can be re-written as follows:

        Pvoid_t   PValueV;              // Judy array element.
        LineNumb++;                      // line number

//      store string into array
        JHSI(PValueV, PJArray, Index, strlen(Index));
        PValue = (PWord_t)PValueV;
and will compile 32 and 64 bit with g++ successfully.

Unfortunately, the PValue in Judy can be either a "pointer to a long" or
a "pointer to a pointer to something else".  (they are always the same size).
And is decided by the programmer's preference.

In "C" any kind of pointer can be assigned from a void *.

This leaves me with a paradox that I do not have any good ideas on how to fix.
I really don't think it should be illegal storing a void pointer into a long pointer.
What other use is there for a void pointer?  It has no more value than a scaler such as a long.

Doug Baskins <>

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On Fri, 2007-07-13 at 17:07 -0700, Doug Baskins wrote:
> Mike:
> I just tried it and found the same thing.  The problem is (apparently)
> g++ does not
> allow "casts" except to the value 0.  

You mean *from* the value 0.

>  Furthermore, I do not know if there
> is a way to cast (-1) or (~0UL) to a void* type.  

If void* and int are the same size it is permitted,
but the cast must be explicit.

Judy breaks strict ISO C99 aliasing rules in several places --
I have ignored this. It does matter .. my box is 64 bit,
int isn't long enough to hold a pointer.

you cannot cast

    int* <--> char*

for example. If you want to do that you must go *via* a void*.

John Skaller <skaller at users dot sf dot net>
Felix, successor to C++:

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