Judy has been a labor of love for me since the 1970's.  It did not get its present name until about 1994.  In early 2000, it was finally funded by HP for the first time.  Before that it was just a "G-job".  In late 1999, the Lab Manager (Martin Fink) at HP asked me to find a program that would show off Judy's benefits.  The search led me to a "stack depth" application.  That application required the "counting" feature to be added to Judy.  See for a detailed description.  The application ran about 100 times faster.  In about Feb 2000 a funded Team of about 5 HP engineers was formed to develop the Judy potential into a product.  I had a lot of time to think about improving and making my vision of Judy become a reality.  It was the best years of my 33 year career at hp.  Finally, I could do "research" in a R&D lab.  In mid-2002 we were given a "incentive" to retire and I did.  The team was able to convince HP to make Judy "open source" at that time.  I think it was clear to HP that Judy was not going to be a profitable product.  LGPL was the most liberal license HP would go for.  HP's real concern was they wanted to make sure that they would not have to pay for some enhanced version of Judy in the future.  LGPL was the best guarantee that Judy would forever be free.
I have been working in my retirement to fix the source code so people can understand it much better.  And I would like to enhance it a lot.  I was hoping that I would have a lot of global input.  I have read a lot of criticism about the user interface, but never an explicit suggestion (example source code) on how to improve it.
This is the first time I have sent something to this list, so I hope this works.
Doug Baskins

yjudy <> wrote:
Hi All!
Could you please explain me what was the first purpose of JudyArray at
Hewlett Packard? (kind of applications used in, etc.)

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