Thank you for your contributions.   I took a brief look at your patches.  The bug
to example code (Judy1Op()) seems so obvious, I dont understand why it took so long to
hear about it.  The other fixes to the build need to be done, however the symlink instead
of copy (if I remember correctly) did not work with some versions of "make".

I would appreciate it if you would send a tar-ball of your fixed version (without symlinks)
so I can more easily merge with my newest version of Judy.  I plan on using a different
build method with the new Judy, since the current one has been troublesome.
My time is currently been trying to get the new Judy finished.   I am not sure
if the fixes are urgent enough to fix right now.   (going on about 6 years).

Thanks for your interest,


PS.  The new Judy is going to be at least twice as fast as Judy-1.0.5.   If Judy1Op()
is really a usefull capability, then it is possible to code a much faster version.
Again, I really appreciate your feedback.

Doug Baskins <>

On Wednesday, October 30, 2013 1:54 PM, Antony Dovgal <> wrote:
Hello all.

I'd like to share with you some patches for Judy that my collegues and me authored recently.

Some patches are small and unimportant, like this one, fixing example code:

Some patches are fairly big and might affect something serious.
  Fixing external build:
  Fixing parallel docs build:
  Optimize build by using symlinks instead of copying files:

There's also a minor bug in
    line 244: if test x"$build_warnings" = xyes; then
should be
    line 244: if test x"$enableval" = xyes; then

This was fixed in another commit, which unfortunately includes other changes:

Let me know if you'd prefer the patches in some other form, I'd be glad to help.

Other than that, we're pretty happy with Judy and would like to thank all the developers for it -
it's become a very important part of our infrastructure during the past 6 years.

Antony Dovgal

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