@ECHO OFF echo Set Compiler SET CC=cl echo Set Options SET COPT=-DJU_WIN SET O=-DJUDY1 SET L=-DJUDYL SET INC=-I.. -I..\JudyCommon echo Deleting Old Files del JudyCommon\*.obj JudySL\*.obj JudyHS\*.obj Judy1\*.obj JudyL\*.obj *.dll echo Giving Judy1 the proper Names copy JudyCommon\JudyByCount.c Judy1\Judy1ByCount.c copy JudyCommon\JudyCascade.c Judy1\Judy1Cascade.c copy JudyCommon\JudyCount.c Judy1\Judy1Count.c copy JudyCommon\JudyCreateBranch.c Judy1\Judy1CreateBranch.c copy JudyCommon\JudyDecascade.c Judy1\Judy1Decascade.c copy JudyCommon\JudyDel.c Judy1\Judy1Unset.c copy JudyCommon\JudyFirst.c Judy1\Judy1First.c copy JudyCommon\JudyFreeArray.c Judy1\Judy1FreeArray.c copy JudyCommon\JudyGet.c Judy1\Judy1Test.c copy JudyCommon\JudyGet.c Judy1\j__udy1Test.c copy JudyCommon\JudyInsArray.c Judy1\Judy1SetArray.c copy JudyCommon\JudyIns.c Judy1\Judy1Set.c copy JudyCommon\JudyInsertBranch.c Judy1\Judy1InsertBranch.c copy JudyCommon\JudyMallocIF.c Judy1\Judy1MallocIF.c copy JudyCommon\JudyMemActive.c Judy1\Judy1MemActive.c copy JudyCommon\JudyMemUsed.c Judy1\Judy1MemUsed.c copy JudyCommon\JudyPrevNext.c Judy1\Judy1Next.c copy JudyCommon\JudyPrevNext.c Judy1\Judy1Prev.c copy JudyCommon\JudyPrevNextEmpty.c Judy1\Judy1NextEmpty.c copy JudyCommon\JudyPrevNextEmpty.c Judy1\Judy1PrevEmpty.c copy JudyCommon\JudyTables.c Judy1\Judy1TablesGen.c echo Giving JudyL the proper Names copy JudyCommon\JudyByCount.c JudyL\JudyLByCount.c copy JudyCommon\JudyCascade.c JudyL\JudyLCascade.c copy JudyCommon\JudyCount.c JudyL\JudyLCount.c copy JudyCommon\JudyCreateBranch.c JudyL\JudyLCreateBranch.c copy JudyCommon\JudyDecascade.c JudyL\JudyLDecascade.c copy JudyCommon\JudyDel.c JudyL\JudyLDel.c copy JudyCommon\JudyFirst.c JudyL\JudyLFirst.c copy JudyCommon\JudyFreeArray.c JudyL\JudyLFreeArray.c copy JudyCommon\JudyGet.c JudyL\JudyLGet.c copy JudyCommon\JudyGet.c JudyL\j__udyLGet.c copy JudyCommon\JudyInsArray.c JudyL\JudyLInsArray.c copy JudyCommon\JudyIns.c JudyL\JudyLIns.c copy JudyCommon\JudyInsertBranch.c JudyL\JudyLInsertBranch.c copy JudyCommon\JudyMallocIF.c JudyL\JudyLMallocIF.c copy JudyCommon\JudyMemActive.c JudyL\JudyLMemActive.c copy JudyCommon\JudyMemUsed.c JudyL\JudyLMemUsed.c copy JudyCommon\JudyPrevNext.c JudyL\JudyLNext.c copy JudyCommon\JudyPrevNext.c JudyL\JudyLPrev.c copy JudyCommon\JudyPrevNextEmpty.c JudyL\JudyLNextEmpty.c copy JudyCommon\JudyPrevNextEmpty.c JudyL\JudyLPrevEmpty.c copy JudyCommon\JudyTables.c JudyL\JudyLTablesGen.c echo Compile JudyCommon\JudyMalloc - common to Judy1 and JudyL cd JudyCommon %CC% -I. -I.. -DJU_WIN -c JudyMalloc.c cd .. echo This table is constructed from Juudy1.h data to match malloc(3) needs cd Judy1 %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% Judy1TablesGen.c -o Judy1TablesGen del Judy1TablesGen.obj Judy1TablesGen %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Tables.c echo compile the main line Judy1 modules echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Test.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Test.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c -DJUDYGETINLINE j__udy1Test.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c -DJUDYGETINLINE j__udy1Test.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Set.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Set.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1SetArray.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1SetArray.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Unset.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Unset.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1First.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1First.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -DJUDYNEXT -c Judy1Next.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -DJUDYNEXT -c Judy1Next.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -DJUDYPREV -c Judy1Prev.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -DJUDYPREV -c Judy1Prev.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -DJUDYNEXT -c Judy1NextEmpty.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -DJUDYNEXT -c Judy1NextEmpty.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -DJUDYPREV -c Judy1PrevEmpty.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -DJUDYPREV -c Judy1PrevEmpty.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Count.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Count.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c -DNOSMARTJBB -DNOSMARTJBU -DNOSMARTJLB Judy1ByCount.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c -DNOSMARTJBB -DNOSMARTJBU -DNOSMARTJLB Judy1ByCount.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1FreeArray.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1FreeArray.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1MemUsed.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1MemUsed.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1MemActive.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1MemActive.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Cascade.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Cascade.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Decascade.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1Decascade.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1CreateBranch.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1CreateBranch.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1InsertBranch.C %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1InsertBranch.C echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1MallocIF.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %O% -c Judy1MallocIF.c cd .. cd JudyL echo This table is constructed from Juudy1.h data to match malloc(3) needs %CC% %INC% %COPT% JudyLTablesGen.c %L% -o JudyLTablesGen del JudyLTablesGen.obj JudyLTablesGen %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLTables.c echo compile the main line JudyL modules echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLGet.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLGet.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYGETINLINE j__udyLGet.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYGETINLINE j__udyLGet.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLIns.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLIns.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLInsArray.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLInsArray.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLDel.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLDel.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLFirst.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLFirst.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYNEXT JudyLNext.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYNEXT JudyLNext.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYPREV JudyLPrev.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYPREV JudyLPrev.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYNEXT JudyLNextEmpty.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYNEXT JudyLNextEmpty.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYPREV JudyLPrevEmpty.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DJUDYPREV JudyLPrevEmpty.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLCount.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLCount.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DNOSMARTJBB -DNOSMARTJBU -DNOSMARTJLB JudyLByCount.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c -DNOSMARTJBB -DNOSMARTJBU -DNOSMARTJLB JudyLByCount.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLFreeArray.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLFreeArray.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLMemUsed.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLMemUsed.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLMemActive.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLMemActive.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLCascade.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLCascade.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLDecascade.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLDecascade.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLCreateBranch.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLCreateBranch.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLInsertBranch.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLInsertBranch.c echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLMallocIF.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% %L% -c JudyLMallocIF.c cd .. cd JudySL echo Compile the JudySL routine echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% -c JudySL.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% -c JudySL.c cd .. cd JudyHS echo Compile the JudyHS routine echo %CC% %INC% %COPT% -c JudyHS.c %CC% %INC% %COPT% -c JudyHS.c cd .. echo Make a Judy dll by linking all the objects togeather link /DLL JudyCommon\*.obj Judy1\*.obj JudyL\*.obj JudySL\*.obj JudyHS\*.obj /OUT:Judy.dll echo Make a Judy archive library by linking all the objects togeather link /LIB JudyCommon\*.obj Judy1\*.obj JudyL\*.obj JudySL\*.obj JudyHS\*.obj /OUT:Judy.lib