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A developing version (0.1.2) released.

I call 0.1.2 a developing version because it has added some new(and potentially important) features but no practical features for users included. This version is able to obtain user's authorization and use it to do something. And it's up to user to stop such authorization (easy to do this).

Posted by NeoAtlantis 2011-07-09

New Functions Developing

New and useful functions for banning users and deleting posts are now under active developments and have made some progress.

Posted by NeoAtlantis 2011-07-08

Jucifer 0.1.0 (preview version) released

Jucifer, whose name comes from Justice and Lucifer, is a web-based software intended for Baidu Tieba's mentors to solve disgusting problems e.g. necroposting, spamming, bursting, destroying, etc. This preview version is now able to pick out target posts, but unable to kill them automatically.

Posted by NeoAtlantis 2011-07-05