#2 Result from difference overlaps, A.difference(B).overlaps(B)


When I take the difference from 2 geometries (AB) and try to check for overlap against what I used for difference, it is considered as an overlap (A.difference(B).overlaps(B))! This occures both in floating as well as in fixed precision model.

How am I supposed to 'clip' against geometries if this is not the way to do it?

This is also reproducable in the JTS Testbuilder so I must be doing something wrong here, but I can't find it.

Beginners mistake?




  • Bertil Karlsson

    Bertil Karlsson - 2009-10-06

    JUnit testcases

  • Bertil Karlsson

    Bertil Karlsson - 2009-10-06

    I should perhaps say that we are using 1.9, but I can reproduce the problem in 1.10 also!

  • Dr JTS

    Dr JTS - 2009-11-05

    This is probably due to precision issues. In general, the finite precision of JTS geometries means that the overlay operations and the spatial predicates are not completely consistent with each other.

    If you can post the test geometries I can validate this.

    Also, posting to the JTS mailing list given at http://tsusiatsoftware.net/jts is preferable


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