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JTS 1.10 released

JTS 1.10 has been released on SourceForge

Major enhancements in this release include:

* Dramatic improvements to buffer performance, robustness and quality
* Moving the GML I/O classes into the core library, and provided more control over the emitted GML
* numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Numerous other enhancements and fixes are included. The full list is:

Functionality Improvements... read more

Posted by Dr JTS 2009-01-05

JTS 1.9 Released

JTS 1.9 has been released on SourceForge

Major enhancements in this release include:
- PreparedGeometry for improved spatial predicate performance
- Geometry unaryUnion() functionality
- New functions, improved UI and rendering in the TestBuilder

Numerous other enhancements and fixes are included. The full list is:


Functionality Improvements

* Added Polygonal, Lineal, Puntal tag interfaces to better
categorize geometry classes
* Added Geometry.union() method, UnaryUnionOp class for efficient
unioning of geometrys
* Added Triangle.area3D method
* Added LineSegment.pointAlongOffset method
* Added LineSegment.orientationIndex(Coordinate) method
* Added PreparedGeometry classes and methods to optimize some
geometry functions in batch situations
* Added Envelope.covers methods, for preciseness
* Added OctagonalEnvelope class
* Improved CGAlgorithms.isPointInRing method to handle case where
point lies on the ring
* Added CGAlgorithms.locatePointInRing method
* Added PointInAreaLocator interface, enhanced
SimplePointInAreaLocator to extend this
* Added RayCrossingCounter, IndexedPointInAreaLocator classes for
more efficient Point-In-Polygon testing
* Added GeometryCombiner class
* Enhanced BufferOp with join styles
* Enhanced WKTReader to accept any case for NaN number symbols
* Added WKTFileReader class
* Improved performance of CoordinateList constructors
* Added CascadedPolygonUnion class
* Added LinearLocation.isOnSameSegment method
* Added LinearLocation.getSegment method
* Added LocationIndexedLine.indexOfAfter method
* Added interpolation of Z value to linear referencing methods
* Added methods to rotate around a given point to AffineTransformation
* Allowed GeometricShapeFactory to be subclassed to add new shapes
* Added SineStarFactory (primarily to support testing)
* Added SortedPackedIntervalRTree class
* Added SegmentSetMutualIntersector interface and implementations
* Added Node.remove(DirectedEdge) method in planargraph package... read more

Posted by Dr JTS 2008-01-03

JTS 1.8 Released

JTS 1.8 has been released on SourceForge.

A major enhancement in this release is greatly improved robustness for overlay operations. The full list of changes is:

Functionality Improvements

* Improved robustness for overlay operations, via using geometry snapping
* Added Angle class
* Added methods to Triangle class
* Added LineSegment.midPoint method
* Added ability to specify output of Z values to WKTWriter
* Added setFormatted, setTab, setMaxCoordinatesPerLine methods to WKTWriter
* Added BoundaryNodeRule classes, and ability to specify a Boundary Node Rule in RelateOp, IsSimpleOp, BoundaryOp
* Added ability to get the failure location to IsSimpleOp
* Added BoundaryOp with improved algorithm for lineal geometries. Changed lineal Geometry classes to use it.
* Enhanced Geometry overlay methods to accept empty GeometryCollections.
* Enhanced Error Handling for WKTReader
* Added CoordinateSequenceFilter
* Added AffineTransformation and AffineTransformationBuilder ... read more

Posted by Dr JTS 2006-12-19

JTS 1.7.2 Released

After a wee delay, JTS 1.7.2 has been posted to SourceForge.

Enhancements include:

Functionality Improvements

* Added support for EWKB (SRIDs only) to WKBReader
* isValid now checks for invalid coordinates (e.g. ones with Nan or infinite numbers)

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bug in CoordinateArrays.ptNotInList. Changed polygonize.EdgeRing to used corrected code.
* Fixed bug causing duplicate points in ScaledNoder
* Fixed bug causing Null Pointer for empty geometries in OraWriter
* Changed AssertFailure to TopologyException in EdgeNode

Posted by Dr JTS 2006-12-04

JTS 1.7.1 released

This is primarily a bug fix release. Changes include:

Functionality Improvements
Added Hex string conversion to WKBReader and WKBWriter

Bug Fixes
Fixed null point cloning bug in TopologyValidationError (thanks to Markus Gebhard)
Fixed bug in PointLocator fix for LinearRings
Fixed bug in Geometry.isValid and IsValidOp causing some valid polygons to be reported as having a Disconnected Interior (specifically, polygons containing holes touching at a single point, where the point is the highest point in the hole rings, and where the holes have a specific orientation)
Fixed bug in Polygon.isRectangle, which reported some valid rectangles as false ... read more

Posted by Dr JTS 2006-04-11

JTS 1.7 Released

Includes numerous new features and bug fixes, including:

- improved performance for many operations
- new covers and coveredBy predicates
- new Linear Referencing API
- new WKB I/O classes
- new Oracle Spatial & GML I/O classes

Posted by Dr JTS 2006-01-20

JTS 1.6 released

The major features of this release are: an improved CoordinateSequence API supporting mutable sequences; a PackedCoordinateSequence classes to allow minimal memory usage; optimizations to use CoordinateSequences more efficiently; optimized predicates for rectangles. Several important bug fixes are also included.

Posted by Dr JTS 2005-02-04