Are you familiar with the PostGIS Geography type (geodetic data type that provides the ability to determine distance and intersection)?  I am looking for similar functionality in a java library and I think that JTS would be a great place for it.  Do you have plans for this functionality?  I want to contribute such functionality and am trying to find a good place for it and ensure a valid solution.

I was thinking about providing a Geography interface that would accept WGS84 latitude and longitude coordinates.  The interface would initially only provide distance and intersects methods.  The underlying implementation would project the latitude and longitude coordinates into UTM and use the existing JTS Geometry interface to perform the intersects test.  I have found serveral java solutions for converting geodetic coordinates into a UTM projection.  Have you heard of GDAL (  I also found this article,, which contained a coordinate converter.  What are you thoughts on using either of these solutions and do you think JTS is a good home for this functionality?