Hi Varun,

It appears that there are some bugs related to k-means heatmaps.
As a fallback, your best bet may be to take screenshots.
Could you send me an example file? I should be able to figure out what the issues are and whether I will have time to fix within the next week or so.


On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 4:39 PM, varun gupta <gupta567varun@yahoo.co.in> wrote:

Hi Everyone

I am using Java TreeView software for generating some heatmaps. I used Cluster software on my list of 22000 genes and generated .cdt files which are input for Java Treeview

I run this command to open up the interface of treeview software

java -jar -Xmx500m /apps1/treeview/1.1.6r2/TreeView.jar

File ---> Open -->Selecting appropriate .cdt file ----> style as kmeans

Now here's the problem. When I do style as kmeans a heat map is generated. I change the pixels and all so as to view it better and try to save the image by going to Export---> Save Tree Image

But nothing happens. When I use the style as linked I can save the images.

I am not sure but is it because I have around 22000 genes and around 50 columns which is not letting me save the image of the heatmap on the kmeans style.

Hope to find solution at the earliest from you guys



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