Save a gene list or data etc in JTV (applet)?

  • minli2

    minli2 - 2007-05-21

    Hi Everybody,

    Does anyone know how to save or export the result from JTreeview. I am uning the JTV applet. it works great. the problem is that I couldn't do anyting to deal with the menu bar function such as save and export...

    any suggestion will be appreciated.


    • Alok Saldanha

      Alok Saldanha - 2007-05-22

      Dear Min,

      The short answer is that the JTV applet cannot access the hard drive because of
      Java security restrictions. Technically, we could sign the applet so it was trusted, but it's a hassle.

      You can still export gene lists from the applet using cut-and-paste. First open the applet and select some genes of interest, then use export->save list or export->save data. In the dialog, just select all (ctrl-a or apple-a) and then copy (ctrl-c or apple-c).

      Incidentally, you can open any applet-based jtv file using the desktop application just by entering the url for the .cdt file. For instance, if you start up the desktop version of java treeview, go to "File->open url..." and enter

      it will open the spellman example file.


    • Keith Ching

      Keith Ching - 2008-03-06

      see this page for signing

      keytool -genkey -keyalg rsa -alias yourkey

      keytool -export -alias yourkey -file yourcert.crt

      jarsigner yourapplet.jar yourkey

      you need to sign both plugins/Dendrogram.jar
      and TreeViewApplet.jar

      note that when you close the applet, it takes down the whole browser.



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