Still alive?

  • Cees de Groot

    Cees de Groot - 2000-08-19

    Is this project still alive? I've downloaded 0.4, but it doesn't work under Linux (stack overflow somewhere - I do grant, though, that I'm still on Tcl/Tk 8.0 so I'll upgrade first).

    Where's the CVS repository? I'd be happy to give this thing a shot under Linux (mainly because of IDLE), but I do want to work with CVS...

    • Cees de Groot

      Cees de Groot - 2000-08-19

      Small correction: IDLE crashes the JVM,
      but the solitaire sample seems to work under Linux!

      • Cees de Groot

        Cees de Groot - 2000-08-19

        The crash occurred when executing:

        ".6758293.text tag configure hit -background #000000 -foreground #ffffff" via Tkapp_Call(). What happens is that whatever sits behind (*info.proc) modifies its argv. Argv[0] on return points to something that is /not/ a string returned by GetStringUTFChars. When releasing the string array, the JVM chokes on ReleaseStringUTFChars when passed argv[0], because it is something that it didn't return.

        Solution: Don't try Tcl_GetCommandInfo, just pass everything straight on to Tcl_Eval().

    • Finn Bock

      Finn Bock - 2000-08-19

      jTkinter is slightly comatose, mainly because IDLE is no longer an essential
      part of the python world. I intend to update it with the lastest changes from
      CPython but it is a low priority.

      I will try to move the sources to CVS this weekend so you can work from that.

      • Cees de Groot

        Cees de Groot - 2000-09-04

        I haven't followed Python too closely the last year or so - why is IDLE "no longer an essential part..."?

        Checked out the sources. Want to upgrade to the latest Tcl/Tk, if the problem persists I'll commit by patches.


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