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New version coming soon

A new version of JTextCheck is in the works. Primarily the changes are:
a) Make use of new Java 5 features, notably generics.
b) Rearrange, rename and otherwise reorganise the classes and packages more logically.
c) Replace the Preferences API-based configuration with a single, simpler file (xml).

In practical terms you won't have to change much in any code already using JTextCheck, other than to rename the package names in your import statements. However setup should be much easier - most of the complaints I had were about the configuration, and the preferences API makes it difficult to find out what's wrong.... read more

Posted by Ramon Casha 2007-01-02

JTextCheck 1.0-b5 released

The new version adds a set of Swing-based setup/configuration classes and a new plugin.

Posted by Ramon Casha 2004-03-07

New GUI setup classes

New classes have been added for swing-based setup/configuration of the API and its plugins.

Posted by Ramon Casha 2004-02-22

JTextCheck 1.0-b3 released

A new version of JTextCheck has just been released. This version adds a WordNet-based thesaurus and a GCIDE-based dictionary to the existing aspell spell-checker and OOo hyphenator. Starting with this version, one source and one binary archive are being released for the whole project, rather than having each plugin in its separate archive.

Posted by Ramon Casha 2003-12-20

First File Release!!

JTextCheck - a text-checking API for Java - has just released its first set of files. These include the core API, a spell-checking plugin, a hyphenation plugin, and a sample Swing application which can spell-check text loaded from a text/html file. Please visit the Home Page for full documentation.

Posted by Ramon Casha 2003-12-06

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