#38 Patches for SUN JDBC Compatibility test


This patch amends the driver to pass all the tests in the
SUN JDBC compatibility test suite 1.3.1. The tests were
run using SDK 1.4 and JEE 1.3 on a Linux PC.

The key changes required were as follows:
1. Driver needs to return Types.REAL as Float and
Types.FLOAT/Types.DOUBLE as Double.
conversions need to be supported.
3. Internal TIME representation standardised to
ensure equals test works.
4. PreparedStatement.getMetaData() could cause
driver to loop.
5. setFetchSize did not allow values > 1.
6. setFetchDirection constants not validated.
7. Scale on registerOutParameter not honoured.
8. Meta data getProcedures result set has
incorrect column names.
9. Null bigint parameters sent as integer size.

This patch also fixes the following recently reported

[ 1012307 ] PreparedStatement.setObject
(java.util.Date) not working
(Server not reporting that java.util.Date is not a
supported object type)
[ 1012301 ] 0.9-rc1: Prepared statement execution error
(Leading spaces cause the parameter marker offsets to
be incorrect)
[ 1011650 ] 0.9-rc1: comments get parsed
(Added Joel Fouse’s patch plus modifications to ensure
that driver can cope with comments before the first SQL
[ 1002971 ] TimestampTest failures under JDK 1.3
(Possible class cast exception in TdsData).
[ 1008126 ] Metadata getTimeDateFunctions() wrong

The escape processor now supports all the standard
JBDC scalar functions and the DatabaseMetaData class
has been updated to reflect this. Nested escapes are
also supported.

The patch contains an additional test suite that tests
the generic errors reported by the JDBC compatibility
tests. These tests are provided for convenience as the
full test suite takes over 2 hours to run on a 2Ghz PC.

Also included are the SQL Server specific DDL and DML
files required to run the SUN tests with jTDS


  • Mike Hutchinson

    Mike Hutchinson - 2004-08-21

    Patches to fix Sun test failures

  • Brian Heineman

    Brian Heineman - 2004-08-21

    Logged In: YES


    Wow! Thanks for taking this on, I had just converted my
    computer to Fedora Core 2 from Windows XP so I could work
    on this. Now all I need to do is submit the driver and the
    test files for certification! I will look into this next week.

    Thanks again!



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