jTDS JDBC Driver 1.2.3 released

The jTDS Project has released version 1.2.3 of the open source JDBC driver for
Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. jTDS 1.2.3 is a bugfix release, improving
upon jTDS 1.2.2. A few new features also made it into the release.

New features:
o [2340241] process ID can be passed as connection property
o [1778933] added support for socket keep-alive feature

Bug fixes:
o [2814376] varchar-type is truncated in non-unicode environment
o [2349058] DateTime allows invalid dates through
o [2181003] attempt to set a BC date invalidates internal state
o [2675463] jTDS returns database users instead of schemas
o [1855125] jTDS silently ignores integer overflows
o [1755448] login failure leaves unclosed sockets
o [1845477] missing license info
o [1955499] performance problems with timestamps in multi-threaded applications
o [1793584] login timeout canceled too early
o [1802986] incorrect charset mapping between 'MAC' and 'ISO-8859-1'
o [1957748] jTDS is leaking memory
o [2508201] date values are changed by 3 milliseconds
o [2796385] jTDS is running out of UDP sockets
o [1869156] jTDS is leaking memory
o [2021839] data truncation problem
o [1811383] ArrayIndexOutOfBounds on executeBatch
o [2021839] savepoint starts 2 transactions if it's the first operation
o [1843801] infinite loop if DB connection dies during a batch
o [2818256] a savepoint is invalid after rollback
o [1883905] unintentional infinite wait

Make sure to check the changelog for detailed listings of the bugfixes and new

jTDS is the most performant JDBC driver for both Microsoft SQL Server and
Sybase. It is a complete implementation of JDBC 3.0, it passes the J2EE 1.3
certification and Hibernate test suites and is the preferred SQL Server/Sybase
driver for JBoss, Hibernate, Atlassian JIRA and Confluence, DbVisualizer and

For more information on jTDS see:


The release can be downloaded from:


Posted by momo 2009-09-04

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