jTDS JDBC Driver 1.2.2 released

Open source JDBC 3.0 Type 4 driver for Microsoft SQL Server (6.5, 7.0, 2000 and 2005) and Sybase. jTDS is the fastest JDBC driver for MS SQL Server and is a complete implementation of the JDBC spec. For more information see http://jtds.sourceforge.net/

The jTDS Project has released version 1.2.2 of the open source JDBC driver for
Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. jTDS 1.2.2 is a bugfix release, improving over
upon jTDS 1.2.1. A few new features also made it into the release.

New features:
o 64-bit support for Single Sign On (SSO)
o [1491811] sqlState code for snapshot conflict.

Bug fixes:
o [1774322] Sybase nulled text fields return not null
o [1592113] NTLMv2 properties on datasource

Make sure to check the changelog for detailed listings of the bugfixes and new

jTDS is the most performant JDBC driver for both Microsoft SQL Server and
Sybase. It is a complete implementation of JDBC 3.0, it passes the J2EE 1.3
certification and Hibernate test suites and is the preferred SQL Server/Sybase
driver for JBoss, Hibernate, Atlassian JIRA and Confluence, DbVisualizer and

For more information on jTDS see:


The release can be downloaded from:


Posted by Brian Heineman 2007-08-23

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