jTDS JDBC Driver 0.8 released

jTDS is THE JDBC driver for SQL Server. Open Source, faster than any other SQL Server driver and with a full implementation of the JDBC 2.1 specification (plus many JDBC 3.0 features). The 0.8 release corrects a number of bugs reported against 0.8-rc1 and adds several more JDBC 3 features.

New features:

o Support for passing parameters to stored procedures by name.
o Support for Types.BOOLEAN.
o Initial Savepoint implementation
o Support for streaming Blob/Clob writes.
o Added initial (limited) ParameterMetaData support.
o initCause() is now called for SQLExceptions under 1.4+ JVMs.


o Bug #926620 Too long value for VARCHAR field.
o Bug #927764 TdsDataSource.charset needs to be initialized.
o Bug #931090 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in rollback().
o Bug #934273 setNull does not set IMAGE type to null.
o Bug #938494 setObject(i, o, NUMERIC/DECIMAL) cuts off decimal places.
o Bug #938632 String index out of bounds error in 0.8rc1.
o Bug #945507 closing statement after selecting a large IMAGE.
o Bug #965018 translateDate is not recognized function name.
o Corrected encoding bug where "Cp" was being insterted into the encoding name incorrectly.
o Corrected PreparedStatement caching bug related to changing catalogs.
o Corrected bug preventing connections to databases with spaces in the name.

Posted by Brian Heineman 2004-06-23

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