jTDS JDBC Driver 0.8-rc1 released

jTDS is THE JDBC driver for SQL Server. Open source, faster than any other SQL Server driver and with a full implementation of the JDBC 2.1 spec.

The 0.8-rc1 release comes with three major changes. From a functional point of view the release is centered around one major improvement: the new semantically correct Connection implementation, using a single physical connection (as opposed to previous releases, which used multiple physical connections to achieve Statement concurrency at the cost of correctness and possible deadlocking). Thanks to this one change 0.8-rc1 is the first jTDS release to pass the Hibernate test suite and to actually be a complete and correct JDBC implementation.

The two other areas where major changes took place are documentation and licensing. The documentation has been greatly improved both in the source package and online (the site and the documentation included in the source package are actually the same). Also, starting with 0.8-rc1 jTDS is licensed under the LGPL. We have decided to do this in order to give jTDS a greater chance to grow in the future, but also to prevent it from becoming a launchpad for new commercial drivers.

New features:

o Correct Connection implementation, using a single physical connection.
o SQLExceptions thrown by jTDS now have associated SQL state values.
o Improved performance (no kidding).
o Closer to complete Blob/Clob support (there are still some memory issues).


o Scrollable/updateable ResultSets did not work with PreparedStatements.
o macAddress and lastUpdateCount parameters work.
o executeBatch() now works with empty batches too.
o Bug #887508 (getObject() returns Integer-Object on Types.SMALLINT) fixed.
o Bug #924030 (EscapeProcessor problem with "{}" brackets) fixed.
o SELECT FOR BROWSE returned an extra column.

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2004-03-29

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