Rajesh - 2014-07-03

I been using sql developer( and jtds-1.2.7.jar. After following the steps provided, the capture process itself fails and it has following errors under "Capture Issues" tab:
captureTable method:
Invalid column name 'def_remote_type' on sysdatabases.
Invalid column name 'xtypeid' on systypes.
Invalid column name 'remote_type' on syscolumns.
Invalid column name 'versionts' on sysobjects.
* The column prefix 'c' does not match with a table name or alias name used in the query. In the query syscommentsc, sysobjects o where c.id=o.id

When i looked in the sysbase database, the above columns are not exists in ths sys tables. The last issue seems to be there is no space between syscomments and c.

Can you please help in resolving the above issue?

Last edit: Rajesh 2014-07-03