#683 java 6/7 mssql 2000 compatible 1.3 version

Andrej Fink

I made a few very small fixes and created java 6/7, MSSQL 2000 compatible 1.3 version:

MSSQL 2000 support was broken since 1.2.6 (mssql2k doesn't support varchar(max)).

All sources (for diff and merge) available:

See attached files diff. Full list of changes:
- several @Override for Java6 compatibility, 3 diamonds to explicit types
- ant build.xml fix: no more stack Overflow exceptions
- MSSQL 2000 support: "varchar(max)" for mssql2005+, "image" for old
- 2 broken unit tests were fixed

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  • momo

    momo - 2012-12-19

    Thanks a lot for providing the patch! I just applied your changes restoring MSSQL 2000 compatibility to the SVN code base. Concerning your fixes for the test code (and build file): I started removing external dependencies with the last release and plan to remove the jUnit target from the build file alltogether. Nevertheless I had a look at the proposed changes to the unit tests and just have to re-check whether I can simply apply your changes.

    Concerning Java 6 compatibility, well, I'm still unsure about that. I targeted Java 7 on purpose and still don't feel we should stick to Java 6. Java 7 has been around for a long time now and Java 8 is just around the corner. I actually don't see a reason for not taking advantage of the improvements that came with Java 7. One could still use jTDS 1.2.7 (just requires Java 1.3) if only an older Java version is available in a production environment.


  • Andrej Fink

    Andrej Fink - 2012-12-19

    Thank You for your heroic work!

    About Java version: you decide.
    My idea: announce that version 1.3 will become Java 7 right away after the EOL of Java 6 (~ Feb 2013). Many production servers still use Java 6 - bigger Q&A-base for jtds ;-)


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