New stable release: frost-07-Jan-2011.rar

The Frost development team is pleased to announce the new stable release of version 07-Jan-2011.

This release is compatible with the old database files and configurations, but we recommend creating a backup before updating. Please see included readme files for future information.

We consider this release the best available version of Frost end encounter all users to update.

Various people have helped during the development and release process in contributing code, updating translation files and identifying bugs. We would like to thank all the contributors!

The new packages are available on Freenet:
File : frost-07-Jan-2011.rar
Key : CHK@nt15lD2Z11zuXCm3zacAUP3h94vaiM0Jl9RfU9-UjCA,y4x~kAA3rou33s0psEIn6XB9VQloP7N2BliW5~vEO3U,AAIC--8/frost-07-Jan-2011.rar
Bytes : 4405960
MD5 : dee7068a0168572a9181b8b1c60e54a0
SHA256 : a19cbb6eb871228dda47e36793fa7a58987425d9dacf31fe9d72dc5dfc71c0ec

File : frost_source-07-Jan-11.rar
Key : CHK@v8p0o6fBBCIxOfj~4jyATyog~4qKpe5navcQOtbO52c,QrEUpyfV5omYLpcak7Pwz7cR0eQ4W-CxELW-2aXm4wg,AAIC--8/frost_source-07-Jan-11.rar
Bytes : 5896176
MD5 : 6b9bf1aa1892ad287dde01a5bfa2dd58
SHA256 : 971a1c4b98c7a5211f7a17fe22efdec75f9c74fb322456f7753a9139f28a9dc7

And from the public internet on Sourceforge:

The most important changes since the last beta release are:

- Add Download Dialog has been reworked. It does not block Frost anymore, allows multiple instances to be opened and has new maximize and minimize buttons.

- New cross platform system tray icon support, based on Java 1.6 capabilities.

Future of Frost:

Bback is currently back in active development, and I hope will stay for some time ;)

We have already planed some new features for the next release, which hopefully will not take too long. Currently we are manly working on the backend of Frost. Bback is working on the FCP layer for better support of DDA (direct disk access) downloads. I will work on refactoring old code, to some new features introduced by new Java version. This should help the maintainability and stability in the long term.

A big part for a future release will be the integration of WoT (Web of Trust, a.k. Freetalk) into Frost as a new base for the messaging system. Work on this has already been started, but do not know how long it will take to finish the transition.

Most important changes

* Messages get inserted twice to speed up distribution and better availability
* Download are associated with the currently selected message.
When you add keys through the quickload interface, the downloads are associated with the currently selected news message.

Simply right-click on a download and select "View associated message" to view the associated message.
(This option is only shown if the download is associated with a message.)
* Per-download download directory
For each download, you can now configure its own target directory.
* New Add Downloads Dialog
You can now configure all downloads before adding them to your queue.
The new dialog allows you to configure:
o Download filename
o Download filename prefix
o Target directory
o Download priority
* Prefix download names
The name of downloads can now be prefixed. The file will be stored using this prefix.
Internally the prefix is stored separately, so you can easily change it later on.
* Quick paste download button
Adds keys from the clipboard. Saves having to paste them into the text box and pressing enter.
* Ability to execute a program on download/upload completion
* Collapsed thread mode changes
See release_nodes for future details
* Restarting running downloads actually restarts the downloads
* Invalid "keys" that are entered into the quickload text field are silently ignored
* New message window context menu items to download keys:
o Select the part of the message, which includes the keys you want to download, right click anywhere (not a key) and select the menu item: Download selected keys.
o Right click a key and select: Download all keys of current message
This will add all keys of the current message, excluding keys from the quote of other messages.
* Directories can be created from the download
* Two additional buttons to show starred or flagged message threads only.
* Download tracking
Activate under: Options -> Preferences -> Downloads -> Warn if a file has already been downloaded previously
If this option is enabled, you will get warned if you try to download a file you have downloaded previously.
Including when and from which board you have downloaded the file.
* Warn if target directory already contains a file with the same name.
* Keep list of recently used download and upload directories.
When you change the download target directory, you can choose a dir manuanly or from a list of recently used dirs.
* Directly open key in browser.
Configure under: Options -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> URI Prefix
If configured, you can right click on a key in the message window and choose open file (all files) in Browser.
This will directly open the file in your frost interface in your system default browser
* Frost requires now Java 1.6
* Updated bundled libraries to new versions
* Use of new jcalendar library
This also fixes a long term bug, with the search dialog
* Updated German translation
* New cross platform system try support

Posted by Jan Gerritsen 2011-01-08

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