Winny Released

  • heavy_baby

    heavy_baby - 2003-01-18

    Winny is a new filesharing client based on freenet.<br>
    It is developed toward high-speed scalability and great anonymous.<br>
    It also works as the P2P servant who implements anonymity BBS it operates.<br>
    And it is the most popular filesharing client in Japan.
    If you want to get Japanese culture, it is better way than WinMX.<br>
    <a href="">Winny Web Site (Japanese)</a><br>

    <a href=""> Winny Web Site (English)</a><br>

    <a href="">Winny English Information Page</a><br>

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      At the momemt I read in Frost, taht some japanese guys get busted, couse of sharing fles via Winny.



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