#6 nonstandard: add file transfer protocols

waldo kitty

there are many old style BBS systems operating old DOS
based software used for dialup connections to dedicated
systems. many have been able to utilize telnet "shims"
(aka virtual modems) to run their DOS BBS software over
the internet via telnet...

these older systems do file transfers within the
datastream as they were running over a simgle dialup
phone line... by running them behind telnet shims, they
now do file transfers within the telnet datastream...
this means that for users telnetting into these
systems, their telnet terminal needs to support file
transfers within the telnet stream... windows users can
do this with hyperterminal personal edition... there
are some other terminals that also allow this... ZOC is
another one that comes to mind...

the goal is to provide a click link on a web page such
that the users do not have to have their own telnet
capable terminal software and to be able to provide for
uploading and downloading files and offline mail
bundles use with their QWK and Bluewave offline mail

the request: implementation of ZModem and possibly
kermit transfer protocols, at least... xmodem and
ymodem implementations would also be nice...


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