I noticed that the background color does not change instantly when you change the color. In order to change the color you will have to click on the window.

I debug a little and I noticed that the background color changes indeed, but almost instantly it will change back. In other words, if the current background is black, and you change it to blue, then the background will change to blue for a fraction of a second and then will change back to black right away, and remains that way until you click on the screen. I don't know the reason for this behaviour but I saw it when I put some time sleep(1000) calls in the SwingTerminal.paint(Graphics g) method. You can also see the chang of the color just put some Thread.sleep(1000) at the begining of the paint method in SwingTerminal.java

I hope someone can tell why this happens, this is a problem with JTA and it seems everybody is ignoring it. I just like to say that a software gets better if and only if the problems are addressed instead of being ignored, otherwise the software will never attract real users and remains in the level of being "something to look at" or "a hobby" and not "something to use". JTA has some real potentials to be a good usable software if the problems are addressed.