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    I am setting Applet.disconnect to false (using jta25 and applet is detached)  yet when I change web page from the page I launched from, the applet window is also removed/disconnected.

    Is this supposed to work ?
    If so, what else do I need to do to get it to work ?


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      I am having the same problem.  This appears to be broken.  Any plans to fix this?


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      After some pain, I figured out how to compile this, and detailed this on  There still remains the issue that if you change pages in the browser that launches the disconnected applet, the applet windows is also removed/disconnected.  Does anybody out there know how to fix this?  I am setting Applet.disconnect to false.

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      For Sysadmins, you guys sure put in a lot of effort into making this work.

      Here's the XMAS gift....

      Modify the Java code called


        /** disconnect on leave, this is to force applets to break the connection */
        private boolean disconnect = true;


        /** disconnect on leave, this is to force applets to break the connection */
        private boolean disconnect = false;

      and recompile the code.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Seems  like a reasonable solution. However, it did not work.  Any suggestions...  Thanks.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Did you define a config via this parameter:
      <param name="config" value="applet.conf"/>

      Then did set Applet.disconnect in the applet.conf file?

      If you tried setting "Applet.disconnect" in the <param> element of the <applet> tag it won't take effect unless you have first declared "Applet.disconnect" in you applet.conf  file.

      All of the the JTA Applet's configurable parameters other then "config" can only work if they have first been defined in the "applet.conf" file.  This is b/c the code obtains a list of properites from the config file then iterates over this list checking for any overrides by the <param> elements of the <applet> html element.

      -Jason T

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I did the approriate declarations in the conf file as you specified.  Even hardcoding in the and re-compiling as mentioned prior still did not correct the problem.  Any more suggestions is greatly appreciated. 
      Pete H 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm using JTA26 + java web start and sometimes the telnet blocked, I have de restart to java application, an idear ?
      I'm using java 1.5 update 10 on some PC.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi folks,

      I've just been wrestling with this problem and have found that adding an applet parameter solved it for me:

      Within the <applet> tag add:

      <param name="legacy_lifecycle" value="true">

      This parameter was added in JVM 1.4.2



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