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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I cannot figure out how to display additional colors. Currently lighter versions of the original colors are displayed as the original colors. For example, light blue is displayed as blue. I tried adding the colors to the color table in the Terminal class and to the colorSet conf, but I am not sure what else to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Paul Zepernick

      Paul Zepernick - 2005-11-22

      Hi Marcus,

      A co-worker of mine, Johnny, and I were trying to figure out the color issue he mentions above.  We are using scoansi emulation and are having a problem with the way some of the colors are coming out.  In our system we have the same colors which are supposed to be different contrast depending on the screen. 


      light yellow vs yellow
      light green vs green etc...

      It appears that the applet is interperting all of these as the same shade of color.  Is this a configuration file issue, such as, just needing to update colorSet.conf?  If not, could you point us to the spot in the code that may need to be changed to make the colors work as expected, or provide us with any other usefull pointers which may help?

      Thanks For Your Time,

      Paul Zepernick

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I have only limited knowledge of our
      color implementation and I usually fumble
      my way through it...

      So I cannot really provide help without detailed code study :(

      Ciao, Marcus


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