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    I have been crawling around the web trying to find some reference to how the pluging works and what I need to do to make it work.  I have JTA 2.6 signed and clipboard functionality working and now need capture to work and I would be a happy camper.  So my questions are what does the capture plugin do with what it captures and how do I configure it correctly so that I can turn capture on and off. Thanks.

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    • Marcus Meissner

      Marcus Meissner - 2008-01-28

      Hmm, never heard of or used it before, but I looked at the source,

      You can set properties:

      Capture.file.url = someurl
      Capture.1.url = http://..../xx/xx/xx/   

      this URL will receive a POST request with the captured data in a parameter

      Ciao, Marcus

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Cool now I have to a script and other nasty items.  Also I will have to figure out how to turn it off and on.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      when i give " Capture.file.url       = file://C:/Documents and Settings/User/My Documents/NetBeansProjects/" this path for capture text file then it give below error

      cannot store text on remote server: file://C:/Documents and Settings/User/My Documents/NetBeansProjects/ C

      or some times another error like ..

      cannot store text on remote server:http://X.X.X.X/Download/ Connection timed out: connect   

      i m face this type of problem for saving this file into my local computer...
      is it possible to save this file into my local computer ....

      please help me as soon as possible......



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