Dear developers,

We've made a minor correction to the "jt400Native.jar" file in JTOpen 6.5.1.

If you don't use "jt400Native.jar", or you don't use "Profile Tokens" for authentication when running natively on IBM i, you can disregard this notice.

The correction re-enables the use of disabled or no-password user profiles, when generating Profile Tokens.  We've discovered that some applications require this behavior, and those applications were broken by JTOpen 6.5.1.

The error symptom is: An unknown problem has occurred.

To get the fix, just re-download JTOpen 6.5.1, and install the updated "jt400Native.jar" file.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

IBM Toolbox for Java -- Development Team
IBM - Rochester, MN USA

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05/20/2009 02:33 PM

JTOpen 6.5.1 now available

Dear developers,

JTOpen release 6.5.1 is now available for download on the SourceForge project page for the JTOpen project, at

Please refer to the changes.html file for a list of updates since JTOpen 6.5.

This release contains fixes to a defect introduced in JTOpen 6.5.  The symptom of the defect is a NoClassDefFoundError when using the Toolbox's DataArea, Printer, or UserSpace classes on Sun JVM's.

The jar files in this release are identical to those in JTOpen 6.5, except for 3 updated class files in jt400.jar.

Note that zip file contains a version of JTOpen 6.5.1 that supports JDBC 4.0, and has been compiled to Java 6.0.
In order to use the jars in this file, you must have Java 6.0.

To ask questions about JTOpen and the Toolbox, please go to the JTOpen/Toolbox forum:$All)?OpenView

Other sources of information about the Toolbox and JTOpen include:

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