for loop parameter initialization sequence

  • erik

    erik - 2009-11-25

    Is the for loop parameter assigned its value before or after the @before
    method of a test? It seems that it is done after the @before.

    Could/should it be assigned before the @before, so that tests would be able to
    initialize system objects based on loop parameters?

  • Golan Derazon

    Golan Derazon - 2009-11-25

    Your request makes sense, but it is a low priority issue at this stage.

    If you want to implement this change yourself, I will be happy to assist

    Another option that you have is to contact Aqua or Ignis and pay them to
    implement this change.

  • erik

    erik - 2009-12-02

    I got it working!

    First I realized after some debugging that the values were NEVER getting set
    in the loop. lol

    One thing I did was set 'parameters.enable=true' in It did
    not seem to work immediately, but after I recreated the for loop it worked. I
    did a quick search of the domain for 'parameters.enable' but
    could not find any documentation regarding the matter (although I feel as if
    it was mentioned somewhere) so if thats what was missing, it probably deserves
    some attention in the documentation if it doesnt already exist. It could also
    be added in the jsystem runner gui under tools-> jsystem properties

    I figured out the 'parameters.enable' setting from the comments in


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