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Windows USB transport alpha available for download.

jSyncManager user Kambiz Darabi posted this text to the jSyncManager Help Forum (ref:\):

"I have packed what I have written to support USB on Windows (using SWIG to wrap
libusb-win32). You can download it from

It is NOT tested with a current version of JSM; I only have used it with my
slightly modified version of JSM 3.2 alpha 03 (I think).... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2005-08-22

jSyncManager v3.2 beta 01 released

The jSyncManager Development Team is pleased to announce the releases of version 3.2 beta 01 of the jSyncManager Core Application Set, API, and Core jConduit Bundle. This beta release is considered feature complete, and requires user testing to ensure that new functionality added in this release cycle functions correctly. The jSyncManager is a pure Java protocol stack, development environment, and application set for synchronizing PalmOS-based handheld devices. It contains its own object-oriented protocol stack, and thus does not rely upon any platform-specific code to synchronize data. It supports the rapid development of object-oriented "jConduit" plug-ins, allowing it to synchronize with a variety of data sources on a variety of operating systems. Included in the Core Application Set are both a GUI-based synchronization application, and a daemon-style MultiPort Server application, which can synchronize dozens of handhelds simultaneously.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2005-08-07

CDK-J Bridge v1.1 released

The jSyncManager Team is pleased to announce the release of the jSyncManager CDK-J (Conduit Developer Kit for Java) Bridge v1.1 final. The Conduit Developer Kit for Java (also known as "jsync") is a PalmSource development kit for writing Java-based conduits for their HotSync for Windows software. The CDK-J Bridge permits such conduits to run on any platform under the jSyncManager. As PalmSource has abandoned the CDK-J development kit, the jSyncManager CDK-J Bridge permits organizations which have invested in CDK-J development to continue to run them on the platform of their choice.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2005-07-22

Using the jSyncManager? Tell the world!

To help spread the word about the jSyncManager, we'd like to invite individuals and organizations which are using the jSyncManager in their own projects to list their projects on our Wiki. To facilitate this, the following page has been created:

If you're using or deploying the jSyncManager, we'd like to hear about it, and have you tell the world about you're project at the same time.

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2005-07-06

Mac OS X USB Support now in CVS

The jSyncManager Team is pleased to announce that preliminary support for USB-based connections on Apple's Mac OS X operating system is now available in CVS.

This supports compiles and is partially functional, but there appears to be some data loss. As such, this source should not be built and used by end-users, but is instead provided for developers so that it may be improved and made suitable for a later public release.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2005-06-27

jSyncManager Wiki Needs Your Help

The jSyncManager Project is pleased to announce the launch fo the jSyncManager Wiki ( We're looking for individuals interested in contributing information and articles relevant to the jSyncManager Community.

If you're interested in helping out, please visit and sign up for an account, or contact us at

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2005-05-11

jSyncManager Blog now Online.

Brad BARCLAY, Lead Developer and Project Administrator of the jSyncManager Project is proud to announce the launch of his new development blog, entitled "The jSyncMan". This blog is designed for informal commentary on the jSyncManager and other Open Source development projects, along with helpful development articles, and is viewable via

An article on jConduit development for beginners is now online to launch this new blog, with more such tutorials coming up in the future on topics such as using the block and record handler objects for the PalmOS standard applications, writing AbstractInstaller jConduits, and using the jSyncManager synchronization engine in your own applications.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2005-04-02

Plucker support re-arranged.

Due to continuing issues with Plucker support integration and low demand for such a feature, the experimental Plucker support that has been part of the jSyncManager v3.2 alpha releases has been removed from the core jSyncManager APIs. These classes have been a major reason for the continuing delays in moving the v3.2 series from alpha to beta release status, and by removing them from the core API we can avoid continuing these delays.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2005-03-07

jSyncManager v3.2 alpha 03 Released.

The jSyncManager Development Team is pleased to announce the alpha 03 release of the jSyncManager v3.2 Core Application Set, API, and jConduit plug-ins packages.

The jSyncManager is a pure Java API and toolset for synchronizing PalmOS-based handhelds with any Java enabled system. It includes both a MultiPort Server for synchronizing many handhelds at once across a network or through a dial-up modem pool, and a GUI application for desktop use.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-11-12

v3.2 alpha 03 release tomorrow.

The jSyncManager Development Team is pleased to announce that tomorrow, November 12th, 2004 will see the release of the jSyncManager v3.2 alpha 03.

This will be the last alpha release for v3.2 of the jSyncManager. It includes important fixes to the serial protocol stack which prevented its correct functioning for users connecting via a serial dock, cable, or any dial-up modem connection. It also includes a variety of new functionality, including support for the Javax USB API, a new Security package for use with the MultiPort Server, RPC packet parsing/generation, USB magic packet parsing/generation, support for long PAD packets, support for vCard elements and files, an update to the Comduit Installer Tool to allow it to install jConduits for the MultiPort Server, preliminary support for Plucker data, and preliminary support for iCalendar elements and files.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-11-11

jSyncManager Surpasses 10 000 downloads!

The jSyncManager Team is pleased to announce that it has surpassed 10 000 downloads since being posted to SourceForge.

Brought to SourceForge as Open Source Software after several years of availability as closed-source freeware, the jSyncManager has significantly increased its codebase, features, functionality, number of developers, and number of users. It has recently been estimated using SLOCCount ( that commercial development of the jSyncManager code would cost in excess of 1 million US dollars.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-11-04

jSyncManager Project looking to fork JPluck project.

It has recently come to the attention of the jSyncManager Developers that the JPluck Project ( has been abandoned by its maintainer.

The jSyncManager team is looking into our options to take over this project to provide continued maintanence and development, as well as to loosely-couple JPluck's functionality with the jSyncManager to provide end-to-end Plucker synchronization services in pure Java, under the jSyncManager branding.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-10-01

jSyncManager and Java 1.5

The jSyncManager Team today tested the jSyncManager with the new Java 1.5 compiler and runtime.

Due to a change in the reserved keywords in Java 1.5 from provious versions, the jSyncManager source file "" will fail to compile unless one of the following conditions is met:

0) You specify "-source=1.4" int he javac command line,

1) You update your sources to the latest CVS revision, where this issue has been fixed.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-09-30

We need your donations!

The jSyncManager Project is a 100% volunteer effort. However, in order to ensure that the project works for the widest possible range of potential users, we need to ensure that we can test it on as wide a variety of PalmOS-enabled handheld hardware as possible.

We are thus looking for interested parties willing to help advance the jSyncManager Project through hardware donations. We are especially looking for latest-generation hardware from PalmOne, Sony, Symbol Technologies, Palm HandSpring, and others. We're also looking for Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g adapter cards and enabled handhelds so we may test and advance our support of these technologies.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-09-29

Javax.usb support now available in CVS

In continued preparation for the first jSyncManager v3.2 beta release, the jSyncManager team is pleased to announce that support for JSR-080, aka javax.usb, is now available in CVS.

Javax.usb is going to be the official Java standard mechanism for accessing USB devices, and will eventually offer jSyncManager users with a wider range of platform support. The jSyncManager team has committed themselves to working with javax.usb implementers to ensure that the jSyncManager works with their implementations.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-09-03

jSyncManager v3.2 alpha 02 and Network Sync.

Good news! In testing, it has been found that the jSyncManager is a valid direct network HotSync target by using the TCPSocketTransport (or the TCP/IP support built into the MultiPort Server).

This is an important development, as it means that the Palm HotSync Manager can connect to the jSyncManager, permitting the jSyncManager to fully control the synchronization process. Windows desktops with the Palm Desktop installed can be configured to forward all sync packets to a central jSyncManager MultiPort Server installation, and have it do the work.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-08-24

jSyncManager v3.2 alpha 02 Released

The jSyncManager development team is pleased to announce the release of the jSyncManager v3.2 alpha 02. New items in this release include:

- the ConduitHandler and JHotSync classes now provide support for accessing the Expansion Manager and VFS data, making access to data and files on expansion cards possible.

- vCard support has been updated

- the MultiPort Server now supports TCP sync connections... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-08-16

jSyncManager Consulting Services Available

The jSyncManager team is pleased to announce that consulting services are now available for organizations wishing to implement the jSyncManager.

If your organization is looking to implement or deploy the jSyncManager, and you would like to contact a jSyncManager consultant, please e-mail, and we'll put you in touch with a jSyncManager consultant.

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-08-03

jSyncManager CDK-J Bridge v1.1 beta 01 Released

The jSyncManager Development Team is pleased to announce the release of the jSyncManager CDK-J Bridge v1.1 beta 01.

The CDK-J Bridge is an add-on to the jSyncManager API which permits conduits written using PalmSource's Conduit Development Kit for Java (recently renamed "JSync") to run under the jSyncManager, on any Java-enabled platform. This is useful in situations where an existing CDK-J conduit needs to be run on a non-Windows platform, or when an organization that has existing CDK-J conduits wishes to migrate to the jSyncManager.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-07-23

CSV and XML classes moved to new package.

With the addition of many new classes to support more data types (like vCard and iCalendar), and more on the way, the jSyncManager team has decided to move the data conversion classes to their own package.

All such classes have been moved in CVS to the new org.jSyncManager.API.Conduit.Tools package. Deprecated copies of these classes will remain in their old location until the release of the jSyncManager v4.0 (release date to be announced sometime in the future).

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-07-16

NetInstaller jConduit added to CVS.

The jSyncManager team is pleased to announce the addition of the NetInstaller jConduit to our project CVS tree.

To be included in the next v3.2 alpha release, the NetInstaller jConduit is a different sort of mechanism for installing PRC and PDB database files to a Palm handheld. It only requires one item of user configuration -- a URL. This URL should point to a text file containing URLs, one per line, pointing to PRC and PDB files available on the network.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-07-07

jSyncManager Revitalization Project to Begin.

The jSyncManager Project Management would like to announce the initiation of a new effort to revitalize the jSyncManager Project, and we're looking for your input.

This project will be an on-going effort running in parallel to the v3.2 development stream in an attempt to optimize the ways in which we develop code, addd new talent to the core development team, better identify areas that need work, and to expand the project into different realms.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-07-05

vCard support added to CVS

vCard support has been added to CVS to convert AddressRecord objects to and from vCard.

This support will be included in v3.2 alpha 02, along with some updates to the TextDump jConduit to dump Address Book records to vCard files. Developers however can use our public CVS server to download and use this code immediately.

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-06-15

jSyncManager v3.2 alpha 01 released

The jSyncManager Development Team is pleased to announce the release of the jSyncManager v3.2 alpha 01. Included in this release are the jSyncManager Core Application Set, the jSyncManager API, the jSyncManager jConduits plug-ins bundle, and a special Jar Bundle version for systems running Mac OS X. The jSyncManager is a pure Java data synchronization solution for PalmOS based devices. It includes a full pure Java protocol stack, allowing the jSyncManager to talk to handheld devices on any Java enabled platform. It supports communication via serial, USB, IR, and TCP/IP based synchonization connections, and doesn't require the installation of any special software on the handheld itself.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-05-27

jSerial API v2.0 released.

The jSyncManager Team is pleased to announce that its Open Source Java Serial API (the "jSerial API") version 2.0 has been released.

The original jSerial v1.0 was released in early 1998, (prior to the existence of Sun's own Java Communications API) under a closed-source license. For historical purposes, those interested in a simple JNI coding example, those who need a thinner Java serial access API, and for OS/2 users who can't access IBM's Java Communication API implementation, the jSerial API is now being released under the GNU LGPL license.... read more

Posted by Brad BARCLAY 2004-05-13

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