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jsXe 0.4 pre3 released!

The jsXe team is pleased to annonce the release of version 0.4pre3. This release focused on adding support for viewing validation errors with documents that are validated against DTD and Schema. However, A number of UI enhancements were also added in this release including cut/copy/paste in the tree view and an activity log dialog for troubleshooting. The source view was made a bit easier to use by adding the ability to maintain indent and solving some problems with syntax highlighting.

* Added Activity Log menu option to the Help menu
* Added splash screen for jsXE startup
* Added support for caching external files to the disk in the user's
settings directory. This should make load times faster for files with a
lot of external files that are downloaded. jsXe now requires the commons
xml-commons resolver jar file.
* Added a dialog that shows a document's validation errors.
* The open file dialog now defaults to the directory specified in
the system parameter user.dir. This causes tho open file dialog to open
to the C:\Documents and Settings\user directory instead of the My
Documents directory in windows. This makes the open file dialogs
* jsXe now allows plugins to specify their own localized messages. These
messages are stored in properties files in the plugin jar file under the
'messages' directory. The files are named identically to jsXe's messages
files (messages.en,
* Added support for detecting a file's line separator and preserving it for
later during write. This preserves the correct line separator for a file.
This will added as an option later.
* Fixed a bug allow jsXe to parse documents that have multi-byte characters.
* Removed feature that when you type something it begins editing the
current node in the tree view. It would begin editing even if you typed
menu shortcut.
* Added a feature to add Document Type nodes. This is pretty basic but it
allows you to add new DOCTYPE nodes to the tree.
* Added cut/copy/paste support for nodes in the tree view. There are still
some limitations like the keyboard shortcuts don't work, and the actions
don't work when focused on the right hand side pane.
* Added support for smart HOME/END in the source view. HOME and END will now
take you to the first/last non-whitespace characters.
* Fixed some syntax highlighting problems with DTDs that have internal
* Added end of line markers and and option to turn them on or off.
* Added support for maintaining indent when adding new lines

Posted by Ian Lewis 2006-02-19

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