#57 Shorting

portfolio (27)

Please add possibility to sell shorting....
sorry for my "bad" english
Jstock is a very very very very goood software

Luigi from Italy


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Can you please add more description on this feature request? We do not fully understand.

  • Frank Schroeter

    Frank Schroeter - 2011-08-25

    In the portfolio it is currently (1.0.6d) not possible to sell a stock before you buy it. In reality, shorting a stock (selling the stock before buying it) is possible with certain accounts and brokers.
    I would like to have this feature too, so that I can track my accounts accurately.

  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2011-11-30

    +1 request to add short selling. This is a very important technique. Plus it would be extremely easy to implement. Short selling is a way to bet that the stock price will go down. How does it work? 1) Borrow shares from broker 2) sell the shares 3) wait for the price to fall (hopefully) 4) buy the shares 5) return the "borrowed" shares to the broker. The way to implement this that is super easy: allow negative numbers of shares to be bought and sold.

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2013-03-15

    Ya. Please suggest in more details, on how short sell should behave?

    For instance, when I short sell 100 units of MCD at price $90.00, what should be my the value of

    Share ($)
    Cash ($)
    Paper Profit ($)
    Realized Profit ($)


    So, let's say, if I allow -ve units of share to indicate short selling, does it make sense?


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