weiming wu - 2011-08-12

as tittle, I want add some new charting in the stock history map, like Rsi or cci map does.
It is a volume map. the volume has fixed by some weight
the formula as below..
( ( Close(i-1) - Close(i) + PI ) / ( High(i) - low(i) + PI ) ) * Volume(i)
Close(i-1)=Closing price corresponding to time interval (i-1)
Close(i)=Closing price corresponding to time interval i
High(i)=Max( HighPrice(i ), Close(i-1) )  : select the higher one.
Low(i)=min( lowPrice(i) , Close(i-1) ) :  select the lower one.
PI=Price interval (usually  US $0.01)
Can any one tell me where to start the work