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New Developer, README First

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2008-11-03

    For new developer, welcome on board :)

    Here is the brief on how to kick start JStock project.

    (1) Several features and bugs will be defined, in order to push JStock into next released.

    (2) The team shall concentrate in delivering "priority 9" features/bugs. (They are highlighted in red)

    (3) Before a developer kick starter any tracker, try to first inform admin (yccheok), so that he may do some proper planning.

    (4) At initial stage, a newly joint developer may not have write access to the CVS repository.

    Whenever the new developer which to see his change being integrated into the source tree, he may send the patches to the admin. The Admin will perform code review, before the patches are committed.

    This is to ensure the code quality of JStock. Only after admin has gained confident on the developer's skill/morality/commitment, CVS write access will be given.

    (5) Here are the coding style guide

    - Use Netbeans IDE. At the time of this writting, 6.1 are being used.
    - Use SmartCVS
    - Use Space instead of Tab. Go to tools-> options-> editor-> indentation-> expand tabs to spaces
    - Number of spaces per indent is 4
    - Follow the programming practice from Effective Java Second Edition by Joshua Bloch (Use immutable object, favor composite over inheritance...)

    Thanks! Any comment and feedback are welcomed.


  • Peter Kane

    Peter Kane - 2010-07-13

    I am now using netbeans 6.9
    what version is recommended now?

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2010-07-15

    Yup. Netbeans 6.9 is recommended for now. In fact, we try to use the *latest stable* version of Netbeans, whenever there is new release from Netbeans. So far, we haven't encounter any backward compatible issues problem.

  • Peter Kane

    Peter Kane - 2011-11-12

    OK, after quite a break I am back again. I now have jstock compiling on OSX Lion, (10.7) and netbeans 7.0.1.

    I'd like to start small, so I thought I'd look at the bug 3036822, which is about appearance on the options form.
    Is that OK?

    I'll test against windows (vista) and linux (ubuntu) versions running on VMs, but my native development machine is a mac

  • Peter Kane

    Peter Kane - 2011-11-16

    Thanks for that advice - I'd already done that. I had some troubles with the libraries - I loaded the whole folder at once and it didn't work, but when I loaded them all individually it worked.
    So, now I will start.