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  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2009-08-24

    Another free stock market software (free in term of price, not freedom) :


    We can learn from them, and pick some best out from them and put it into our JStock. They support China market which we didn't at current moment.

    In term of user friendliness, I still feel we are better than them, as I show JStock to my mum who are not computer literature. Her comment is, "It is so easy to be used" :)

    • gransi

      gransi - 2009-08-24

      I used EclipseTrader (http://www.eclipsetrader.org/) before JStock. There are some nice features what we can integrate to JStock. eg. display multiple Indices.

      • yccheok

        yccheok - 2009-08-24

        I never try EclipseTrader before. will test on it...

        From a point of view of investor, multiple indices may not have so much use to me. If I invest in Malaysia only (I would say most of the small investor only invest in one country, and most of the time it is their own country), I will not be interest in other indices besides Malaysia indices.

        Since you had used EclipseTrader before, you may try to suggest few more feature  which you think suit to fit in JStock. JStock always try to be an easy and simple application. However, easy and simple doesn't mean lack of feature.

        It means, we always want users able to complete their tasks, by using fewest mouse click as possible.

        It means, users always able to complete their tasks without the need of thinking too hard. The presentation of JStock, will provide them a very clear hint on how to complete certain task, without the need of giving much thought.

        I would say we are pretty much on track by going through this direction. Just look at the growing number of JStock's downloads :)


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