yccheok - 2009-09-29

Hello all,

I would like to recommence you all to take a look on "Producing Open Source Software. How to Run a Successful Free Software Project" written by Karl Fogel. Karl Fogel is one of the developers in numerous highly success open source project - Subversion, GNU Emacs…

To make a open source project successful, it is just more than merely writing good technical code. Communication, Social and Political Infrastructure play an equal important roles as well.

I believe by lending some experience from experienced open source developer, we will be able to discover our very own path, of making JStock a successful open source project as well.

Me, as just like many of you all, are first time involving in open source project development. Hence, we will always make mistake during the development process. But we will also learn to improve from our mistakes, along the way. It is just part of our development process ;)

I hope that everyone of you, will able to gain something useful, by involving in the development of JStock.

  : http://producingoss.com/