yccheok - 2009-11-06

One of the things worry me most, is that we may hit Google Free Quota (Is a good sign any way, this shows our user base is increasing) -
Here is what we wish to have in the future.

1. **A system, able to record down quota usage per user.**

2. **An auto payment system (Using PayPal, perhaps? We need to take consideration on the commission charged by PayPal). to allow user to extend their quota usage.**

4. **A system, which enable user to view their current quota usage.**

Nothing to be worry about, if the current cloud users is <100,000 (I guess)

However, we need to make the above 3 pieces of software ready, when our cloud users is > 100,000

We will not far from there :)

  : http://code.google.com/appengine/docs/billing.html#Billable_Quota_Unit_Cost