Is there a portable version of for USB Stick?

  • Anonymous - 2010-09-13

    Is there a portable version of JStock for installation of USB stick?

    At can it be made portable in the next release?

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2011-11-26

    …no answer?

  • Peter Kane

    Peter Kane - 2011-11-27

    install jportable and jportable launcher.
    download the linux distribution of jstock and extract the files.
    run the jstock.jar file using jportable.

    I did this on my work computer (windows xp), and could run jstock, but couldn't check access to the internet because of my company's firewall.

  • vf2nsr

    vf2nsr - 2012-02-29

    Is it possible to get the .jstock file that is added to the USERPROFILE folder saved as well to usb stick?

    that would make it really portable?

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2012-03-02

    I don't really get what you mean, Currently, .jstock folder is being saved in individual user folder, for instance.


    If you want to make JStock portable, you can simply make use of cloud storage feature. You privacy are guarantee, as the data are being stored in your own Google Doc account. Please refer to

  • vf2nsr

    vf2nsr - 2012-03-02

    My apologies, I meant the .jstock folder that is saved to the host computer.  When run on a USB device as you  have described, you can not really use it on other computers as the .jstock folder remains on the host computer.  Sowhat I am asking to be more clear is can the feault location of the .jstock folder and all of its  contents be moved and stored  elsewhere?

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2012-03-03

    Dear vf2nsr,

    Sorry, currently, it can't. The location of .jstock folder is fixed.

  • Kolpotoru

    Kolpotoru - 2013-04-24

    Please Make a Portable Version of Jstock which will save all files inside Jstock folder and include portable java and run without installation.