Portfolio values in Local Currency

  • Carlos

    Carlos - 2012-03-13

    Hi, I'm trying out the software and I find it very useful to control my portfolio but since I'm from Spain, and I work with European and USA markets I would need to combine both currencies, Dollar and EURO. Is there a way to apply the conversion when calculating Share, Cash, Realized and Paper Profit? Now, if I have two stocks, one in each currency, the program does not make the change and it mixes both and so the Cash, Share and Profit aren't correct.

    Thank you very much and sorry if my English is not perfect,

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2012-03-13

    No worry. I can fully understand your English.

    Last time, I do plan to have the following feature.

    1) In buy dialog, user may choose their used currency (USD for example), and the buy exchange rate during that time.
    2) In sell dialog, user may choose their sell exchange rate.

    I do not implement such feature, as I afraid this will increase the complexity of JStock software.

    However, there are quite a number of similar request recently. I was wondering, whether the above 2 planned features will full-fill your requirement?

    Btw, this may seems out of topics. Since you are from Spain, may I ask, what is the public view regarding Banco Santander? Recently, I plan to purchase its share. After studying some of its annual reports, I feel that it is a good bank. Just would like to know what is its public image among Europe citizens?

  • Carlos

    Carlos - 2012-04-03

    Hi again and thanks for answering.

    I think that the 2 solutions you say would be great but in My Portfolio Buy _and _Sell areas should be both prices, in local and foreign currency. In fact I really don't need the price in Euros but I need to know the purchase and current values in EUROS to have a realistic profit/loss result.

    About Banco de Santander, I'm quite a Begginner in sock investment, but Santander usually leaders the Spanish indexes. It's one of the stronger Banks if not the strongest in Spain. The problem is that nowadays Spain index is the worst of the europeans and as my broker says it's not time to invest in Spain, but he is a Bull. He always recommend to invest in Bull markets as USA now. If you plan a long term investment maybe Spain is an opportunity because prices are very low and a raise is expected but not in a short time and Santander as Iberdrola, Telefonica, BBVA and Repsol are the spanish Blue Chips and they are expected to leader that recovery.

    Talking about its image among Spanish citizens, well in the last years the image of the banks is worse han ever because people blames them of the crisis talking of them almost as usurers. But I dont' think this really affects to their stock prices.

  • yccheok

    yccheok - 2013-08-05

    Your request is noted : https://trello.com/c/SjWluRHB/31-specific-currency-used-during-buy-and-sell

    So far, I'm quite happy with Banco Santander performance. I believe Spain's economy will recover one day. They have resource, talents, cultures, ... She will recover. It just take some time...