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Amnesia [jSticker v1.4]

The re-branding of jSticker like Amnesia is now finished. This is the last version with the jSticker name in it. According to this, lots of things changed. I tried to keep the backward compatibility. I am sorry if not always works. It is a good idea to save all your stuff (Export it) and is something goes wrong, restore it.
Thank you for using Amnesia.

Posted by gabbychr 2008-02-03

jSticker v1.3 Amnesia

From this version, the jSticker application has the codename Amnesia. This means that some things changed and/or will be changed in the next releases. In the next few releases it may be possible that the application cannot recognize some old preferences. Please redo them and all will be OK.
Thank you for using it.

Posted by gabbychr 2008-01-03

jSticker 1.0 now available

jSticker v1.0

Finally, the version 1.0 is released.
This application is old enough, is stable, and more important, is useful.
I will keep working on it. The version 2.0 will be different from few points of view. Hopefully ... it will be nicer and even more useful.
Thank you for choosing it and for using it.

Posted by gabbychr 2007-09-04

jSticker v0.9RC2 is now available

Take it. Use it. Share it.
Tell me your opinion about it.
Thank you.

Posted by gabbychr 2007-07-06

jSticker v0.7 available

This release is just a bug fix. Only few minor modification in the user interface.

Posted by gabbychr 2007-04-11

jSticker v0.6 now available

You can store your alarms on web. On the Preferences dialog a new tab named Web was added. Here specify your username and your password (if fist using, the account will be created using the username and password you provided). On the Add Alarm you will notice the check box Save locally. Unchecking it means that this alarm will be stored on web. To see you alarms on the web, go to, use your username and password and manage your alarms.

Posted by gabbychr 2007-03-06

jSticker v0.5 now available

This version has new features: snooze effect and alarm details.
If an alarm raise ... ant nobody is near computer to see it ... it's lost. Not anymore! The alarm will aprear again and again, until soomebody will press the close button. Of course, if you don't wand this effect, all you have to do is to set on 0 the Snooze preference on the Alarms tab.
What about you have some details for an alarm, but don't want to show in the alarm box? You have to write that details on the Message section on the Add Alarm dialog. A Show button will appear on the alarm box. Press it, and another box will show up, filled with the message.
Hope it's util for mor than one (me) user ... :)

Posted by gabbychr 2006-11-06

jSticker 0.4 now available

With new icons and some minor bugs fixed, the version 0.4 is now ready to be used.

Posted by gabbychr 2006-09-03

jSticker 0.3 now available

First of all, sorry for delay ... had much work to do.
Now, this 0.3 version contains the posibility to add some notes, identified by their captions. These notes can be edited on the fly, right where you can see them.
I hope this is usefull ... I know I use it ... :)

Posted by gabbychr 2006-06-06

Next release

The next version of jSticker will be released on June 4th 2006. It will include new features and new approaches.

Posted by gabbychr 2006-05-09

jSticker new release

The jSticker 0.2 has just been released. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the previous version, but it is fully compatible with the next versions. All found bugs have been fixed and some features added. Enjoy!

Posted by gabbychr 2006-04-04

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