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TeeDict (formerly jStarDict) 0.6.1 released

TeeDict (formerly jStarDict) 0.6.1 released. This include following changes:
1. Add a welcome page if no dict installed to tell user what to do to add a dict.
2. Allow install dict online
3. Fix some bugs
4. Installer for desktop version
5.Rename to TeeDict

And you can try it online now at:
And the application itself can be installed online at:
Or for blackberry at:

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2008-06-24

jStarDictM/jStarDictBB v0.6.0 released

jStarDictM/jStarDictBB v0.6.0 Release Notes

There are four major enchance to this release and some bug fix
1. Dict file tuning. It can now uncompress dict.dz and split large files on your phone now. After tuning, you will see the remarkable performance improvement.
2. Search performance tuning.
3. Set Delay to 0 to disable search on press. In this mode you can type the word and press search when you finish.
4. All check upgrade online. It will show you the running version and the last version number.... read more

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2008-06-08

jStarDictM 0.5.9 released.

jStarDict is a j2se/j2me dict application which can use any stardict/dict.org/kdic/zdic format dictionaries. Go to http://www.teesoft.info to find the installation instruction and some other documents of this project . jStarDict v0.5.9 is a try to address the performance in some old j2me enabled phones. In that phone file system have a strange behavior which will causestream.skip() very slow. But jStarDict access all dict in file, it need jump in files. I found a workaround for this. I will use stream.read where skip needed. You can turn on this behavior by check "Tuning Skip Code" options in the setting menu.

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2008-06-04

jStarDictM/jStarDIctBB 0.5.8 released

jStarDictM/jStarDIctBB 0.5.8 released
Allow customize voice volume in this version.

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2008-04-26

jStarDictM/jStarDictBB 0.5.7 released.

Start support package word voice as a stardict dict. So don't need to copy thousands small files.
Please follow http://www.teesoft.info/content/view/35/35/ to add voice.

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2008-04-20

jStarDictM/jStarDictBB 0.5.5 released.

jStarDict 0.5.5 released.
jStarDict is a j2se/j2me dict application which can use any stardict/dict.org/kdic/zdic format dictionaries. Go to http://www.teesoft.info to find the installation instruction and some other documents of this project .

Change logs in this release:
Add an options to not auto discovery dict at startup to get quick startup.
Add a discovery menu in dict manager
Add key setting for bb 8100.

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2008-03-22

jStarDictM/jStarDict-BB 0.5.4 released.

jStarDictM/jStarDict-BB 0.5.4 released.
fix dict discovery error in some phones

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2008-02-11

jStarDict 0.5.3 released

Implement the Browse Path function in Add Dict.

jStarDict is a j2se/j2me dict application which can use any stardict/dict.org/kdic/zdic format dictionaries. Go to http://www.teesoft.info to find the installation instruction and some other documents of this project .

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-12-16

jstardict 0.5.2 released

jstardict 0.5.2 is released.
The changes includes:
1. Add a explain control setting form. For to Setting/Explain Control Settings.
2. Add word sound support. You need to get http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/stardict/WyabdcRealPeopleTTS.tar.bz2?download . Unpack it and put the folder to <tf root>\dict\sound\WyabdcRealPeopleTTS. After you folder will look like this:
......... read more

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-09-23

jStarDict 0.5.1 released/发布

jStarDict 0.5.1 released
1. Enchance the dict discovery in mobile version.
2. Add jStarDictM-EE EE standard for encoding enchanced. I ported icu to java me, if your dict's encoding is not supported by the jvm on your phone. You can try this. You need to don't the vnc files to your tf card. Please put the cnv file to dict\config\icu folder. Please get the cnv files from http://download.icu-project.org/files/icu4j/3.8/icu4j-charsets-3_8_d02.jar.
3. Add a jStarDictMLite version. It doesn't use file api at all. You can only the desktop version jStarDict to package dicts into it to use. It can be used for the phones which don't provider the file access api or not easy to get file permit.
4. Add a setting option which will control the show the explain. Currently the explain will show only in one screen heigh and have a little scroll bar. The new option will let you expand the text if it's not so long.
5. Fix some bug in the desktop version export dict function.... read more

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-09-09

release jStarDict/jStarDictM 0.5.1-pre

Fix some dict discovery bug and add a uncompress dict.dz option to desktop version.

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-09-04

jStarDict/jStarDictM/jStarDict-BB 0.5.0 released.

jStarDict/jStarDictM/jStarDict-BB 0.5.0 released.

Changes for the mobile version jStarDictM/jStarDictBB:
1. The new improved explaination control. In the new control, you can pick up a dict and click a key to seach for it. You can use the navigater key in your phone. Or use the number key 0 to 9 to navigator and search a word. The OK button or the 5 key is used to first the search. number 2,4,6,8 are as up,left,right and down if you don't have the navigator keys in your phone. 1,3,7,9 are sued to decrease or increase the selected area. 0 is used to move to begin or end of the explain. If you are not at the first line then 0 goto the first line, otherwise it will bring you to the last line. You can also use your point pen if your phone support. You can click the right side of the explain to scroll it. You will find a simple scroll bar at the right of the screen.
2. Add a special char inputer. Select the search box then you will find a command in the menu. It use the same control used to show the explaination.
3. Add a history list. It will show all the searched words in current session.
4. You can manager the order of the dicts now.
5. Add more settings.... read more

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-09-02

jStarDictM/jStarDict-BB 0.4.0 released.

jStarDictM/jStarDict-BB 0.4.0 released.
It includes a lot of major changes.
goto http://www.teesoft.info to find more info.

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-08-20

release jstardict and jstardict-bb 0.3.0

Release 0.3.0 include some bug fix and more dict format support. The new supported dict format include kdic format, dictd format and tab files.
kdic format is used by kdic developed at http://www002.upp.so-net.ne.jp/kei-k/index-e.htm. They are also used zdic. There are a lot of dict files in this format.
The dictd support are currently only the dictd dicts. Not the dictd protocol. The dictd protocol will be supported in feature version of this app. For each dictd dict, there are two files. One is dict.dz file another one is index file. You need put both them to the dict folder in your device root. For example, for file ftp://ftp.dict.org/pub/dict/pre/dict-vera-1.9-pre.tar.gz, uncompress you will get vera.dict.dz and vera.index. You need create a folder named dict in your flash card or the built in ram of your device, put the files to it to use the dict in this tool.... read more

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-08-11

release jStarDict 0.2.3

release jStarDict 0.2.3
Add remove bookmark item function.
Thanks goes to mikezk to raise this up.

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-06-15

Hosted on sf.net

From now on, the jStarDict project will be hosted on sf.net.The project home is http://sourceforge.net/projects/jstardict. You can find the initial version here.

Posted by Yong Wind Li 2007-06-10

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