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jsSHA: 1.3 Released!

With over a year having passed since the last jsSHA release, it was decided to finally add the experimental optimizations to the main jsSHA release. With help from the community, we were able to cut down on memory usage and speed up execution with only a slight increase in file size. Thank you to everyone that helped!

Posted by Caligatio 2010-09-01

jsSHA: 1.2 Released!

We are pleased to announce v1.2 of jsSHA is available for immediate download. There are a number of large additions to the library in this release, including the much-requested HMAC algorithm and support for hex-based inputs. We have also tweaked several functions resulting in a significant performance boost and utilized a different JavaScript compressor which yielded a higher file compression ratio.

Posted by Caligatio 2009-07-23

jsSHA: 1.11 Released!

This release fixes a bug in Base-64 encoding that was reported by one of our users last month. Note that if you are not using Base-64 encoding, jsSHA v1.1 works without issue.

I am pleased to say that jsSHA may be getting much better Unicode support as another developer has volunteered to take on this task. I do not have any idea on a possible release date so check back every once and a while.

Posted by Caligatio 2008-12-07

jsSHA: 1.1 Released!

Following up on the heels of the jsSHA v1.0 release and subsequent bug finding, I am pleased to announce the release of jsSHA v1.1 and the re-release of jsSHA v1.0 (if you want to play spot the bug). This release is intended to be the final non-bug fix release of jsSHA until SHA-3 is finalized in 2012.

Posted by Caligatio 2008-09-25

jsSHA: 1.0 Release Temporarily Pulled

Just hours after release, Caligatio discovered a bug in the brand-new jsSHA 1.0 that caused incorrect hashes to be generated under certain circumstances. Due to the fact that generating incorrect hashes is rather a fatal error, it was decided to temporarily pull v1.0 until v1.1 can be released later today (v1.0 will be re-released at the same time).

For those that downloaded v1.0 in the few hours it was available, please note the bug only manifests itself when the same instance of the jsSHA object is used to generate different hashes. ... read more

Posted by Caligatio 2008-09-25

jsSHA: 1.0 Released!

I am pleased to announce the release of jsSHA 1.0! v1.0 has several major improvements over v0.1 including large potential performance enhancements and moving the code to a more object-orientated architecture.

Please note that the interface has changed significantly (hopefully the only time a change is made) so please read the README for more information.

Posted by Caligatio 2008-09-25

jsSHA: 500 Downloads Reached!

Well folks after a mere 7 months (to the day), jsSHA has reached 500 downloads. To celebrate the occasion I am looking at expanding our initial modest goal of just implementing SHA to something larger, possibly more hashing algorithms.

If people have other hashes that they want to use in Javascript and not already available elsewhere, please let me know! (Un)fortunately, it looks like people mostly use MD5 or SHA which are more than adequately represented in the Javascript world.

Posted by Caligatio 2008-09-22

jsSHA: 100 Downloads and Counting!

I am pleased to announce that we have reached the 100 download milestone! Thus far there have been no reports of issues so I hope the code is holding up for everyone.

If you do have any issues or comments, please just post a message on the forum and I'll try to help ASAP.

Posted by Caligatio 2008-02-27

jsSHA: 0.1 Released

jsSHA has officially been released to the public! All SHA hashes, as defined in FIPS 180-2, are implemented in an easy-to-use JavaScript library.

Posted by Caligatio 2008-02-22